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Suspected Terrorist sentenced 6 years over attempts to join ISIS

22-year-old from Luton said it was his dream to join the jihadists and bought ticket for Turkey

Mubashir Jamil, 22, was found guilty on the 23rd of November 2017 for engaging in preparation for acts of terrorism. Mr Jamil was convicted after telling undercover police officer his plans to join ISIS.

After suffering from Schizo-affective disorder, the accused was arrested on the 27th of April, a few days before a booked flight to Turkey.  When caught, Jamil claimed he was travelling to Syria to be exorcised of natural creatures ‘who were talking to him’.

The jury rejected Mr, Jamils’ claim to go to Syria for mental health help and was found to have high rational thought. Dr Loch, a doctor allocated to Mr Jamil, believed “if he had made it he would have caused damage to himself and others”. The defendant had messaged three members of ISIS over social media. In one conversation he stated that he “wanted to wear a suicide built”, and, wanted to “carry out an attack”. 

On trial at The Central Criminal Court of England, Judge Peter Rock QC granted Jamil a “hybrid order” and sentenced Mr Jamil to six years, part to be served in a secure hospital with custodial terms plus a  five year licence period.

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