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Anti Bombing Syria

The protests started at 5pm, whilst parliament came to a decision on whether to bomb or not bomb Syria.  But, the atmosphere stayed calm till around half six. When passionate speakers from Labour, standing alongside protesters against attacks on Syria. The crowd became electric. Debates sparked amongst many, questions and statements had me thinking; “Bombing innocent civilians, makes our government the terrorists too”, “This is meant to be a democracy, they wont listen to the people”, debates to if this would be a replay of Iraq, Iran, and Libya. Someone asked me if I feared that not bombing Syria, would potentially loose our trade and important Allies with France . In which I simply replied “The result of bombing Syria will highly unlikely affect our alliances and trade with France, as you said it is ‘potential’. But the killing of even more Arab people through bombings is a definite if the government pass this through”. The main thoughts where that the money used for bombing should be used for our countries welfare.

As a young journalist I tried to remain unbiased, engaging with what peoples thoughts. Yet I found myself getting caught up with the mob mentality, getting passionate and really getting a feel to why the protesters stood outside parliament for two nights. I saw groups of school children chanting at the top of their lungs “kids say no” showing everyone their had such high passion. After one of the many speeches that rallied up the protesters. We where told to walk forward as ‘brothers and sisters’ together to show those for bombing in Syria what death looks like. Peacefully walking forward, with a sense of determination sitting down in the middle of the road, feeling a connection and sense of being with everyone. Cars stuck in the middle of protesters, but they didn’t seem to care raising their fists with approval and respect, unrolling their windows. We sat in silence, with News reporters buzzing around. Then the determined atmosphere kicked back in and in the chants began, with live singers. This carried on until the results where announced. No one was harmed nor did turning violent whilst I was there.

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